Perfect for commercial window cleaners, this Unger nLite HydroPower trailer comes with an RO filter plus a 750 litre water tank to be the perfect alternative to having a commercial van mounted system.   With its 2x 100 meter hose reels that are powered by 150 PSI pumps, they can produce 250 L per hour, per reel so you can be sure that you have enough pure water to get the whole days work done. The trailer is powered by its own high-capacity 12 V gel battery which can go all day without needing a recharge. With its own digital controller you can monitor water flow, pressure and battery power and control water flow rinse (wash modes) manually or by wireless remote control, this allows the operators to change the flow rates that would be suited to the cleaning job saving water and battery life for when it’s needed. The hydropower trailer has a three stage water purification process to make sure that you get 100% pure water.   Within the trailer there is an integrated storage compartment that will enable you to fit up to 6 waterfed polls (upto 1.91 m long) and a side storage area for brushes safety signs and any other accessories that you need.   The Unger fully integrated trailer is suitable for vehicles that can tow a capacity of 1.350kg and come with integrated lights and indicators with brake assist that conform to EU regulations.  Phone us today to enquire about getting your own Unger hydropower trailer or pop in to see us to have a demo of the Unger nLite HydroPower trailer unit before you buy! 01442 831777.