Here at J V Price we have our vehicles kitted out with the very latest in Ionic Systems state-of-the-art equipment, ‘The Zero’ pure water ‘reach & wash’ window cleaning system.

We have a quick little video showing you one of the main benefits of using a reach and wash, being able to clean a buildings glass canopy which would be impossible to do so without a reach and wash. The reason why the Ionics Zero system is the best in the game is because where as the industry standard of measuring mineral particles within the water was PPM (Parts Per Million) the Zero is classed as 0ppb (Parts Per Billion) meaning 1000 times better than its predecessors giving you a perfect finish and guaranteeing you with perfect pure water. As you can see, it tackles the dirt with ease.

If you are after your buildings to be cleaned with the safer option of reach and wash then call our head office on 01442 831777 and book us in for your free quote.