J.V. Price ltd have set up a standalone chewing gum removal division to head up the issue of gum on our cities sites and the UK’s pavements.

We purchased 4 of the all new Gumwand chewing gum removal machines along with 2 van mounted pressure washing units, this now gives us the full package for carrying out pavement cleans up and down the country.

Phase One is to use the Gumwand’s to remove all the chewing gum deposits at a rate of up to 700 an hour. Due to the fact that the Gumwand is a self-contained unit and has no trailing wires or hoses, need of generator or water supply, we can carry out works in and around the public causing no health and safety issues, this makes our service a much more cost effective solution than traditional methods that had to take place out of hours, it also has a very low impact on the Environment with a very low water usage and a low carbon footprint.

The Proprietary Gumwand cleaning solution is derived from totally natural and sustainable sources and is ph neutral. The solution will dissolve chewing gum by instantly turning discarded bubble gum into powder, which leaves no residues.

How the Gumwand gum removal equipment works 

The Gumwand contains a small LPG canister, a built in reservoir for the cleaning solution, a rechargeable battery and our clever little pump. The battery powers the pump, which injects the cleaning fluid into the vaporiser at a rate around 3ml per second. The LPG powers the heating unit built into this lightweight machine.

The whole unit is easily maneuvered on its wheels meaning no strain on the operator’s arm or a requirement to carry anything.

Phase Two is to carry out a steam clean to all areas of gum remove to leave the work area clean and sanitised, these works will need to be done out of hours due to health and safety issues, with our self-contained pressure washing units with water recovery and filtration we can work without the need of any external services.

The new system give us the ability to remove up to 16,800 gum deposits in one day.

if you would like further information on this service please contact us via [email protected]