When you are running a business of any kind it is imperative that you give the impression of being totally organised and totally professional. Everything from the cleanliness of your premises to the way in which your building is designed and decorated makes a lasting impression on those who are perhaps seeing it for the very first time. At JV Price we know that every spot on your windows may affect the way in which your company is viewed, and so we offer the most diligent pure water window cleaning services to be found anywhere in the UK – or throughout the world for that matter!

What Sets JV Price Apart from Other Commercial Window Cleaning Services

The key to squeaky clean windows is a combination of factors that many other window cleaning services simply don’t care to utilise. Not only do we use pure water fed reach and wash poles routinely as opposed to the more traditional method of window washing, but we also only use DI (deionised) water. Both of those factors have a huge impact on the final results of the window being washed and that’s why we take advantage of cutting edge technology along with good, solid work habits. We never consider a job ‘done’ unless it is a job ‘well done.’

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning System vs Traditional Methods

There are actually several advantages to using the reach and wash system as opposed to the more traditional window washing system involving squeegees and chamois cloths. However, these are only advantages if using pure de-ionised water. When using squeegees and traditional window washing solutions the problem is actually in the rinsing stage. In the traditional method of cleaning glass, the squeegee and chamois are indispensable because they are the only way to rid the window to some degree of those mineral spots left behind by hard water. In the reach and wash system there is no need for a squeegee, no need for a chamois and certainly no need for chemical solutions because pure de-ionised water is all it takes to get windows sparkling clean.

The Ultimate Benefits of the Reach and Wash System

With the reach and wash system of window cleaning used by JV Price teams, there is no need for ladders of any kind on buildings 60 feet or less in height. The poles extend that high up and since there is no need to spray chemicals on the windows or to squeegee and wipe the windows, jobs can be completed in minutes rather than hours. The reach and wash system our teams are expert in offers a way to wash higher, safer and infinitely faster. From setup to completion it is possible to complete a two story, building with glass skylights in just under 15 minutes. That’s an amazing feat that would be highly improbable with the traditional method of window washing.

Our teams are dispatched with vans carrying pure water and extendable water fed reach and wash poles. We set up in minutes and within minutes after that we are on our way to the next client and the next commercial building that has need of the expert care we offer in window cleaning services. Pure water is the key to success and that is something we use and are happy to supply other window washing contractors on demand. To learn more about our pure water filters and our reach and wash window cleaning services talk to us today. We are happy to discuss both services and supplies that result in sparkling clean windows each and every time.