How commercial window cleaning has changed in recent years

Gone are the days when commercial window cleaners used to evoke images of men dressed in scruffy old clothes, carrying a battered ladder, a bucket of water and a rag. These days, commercial window cleaning has evolved into a very professional service that places a significant amount of emphasis on safety and quality. In this article we will explain how commercial window cleaning has changed throughout the years, and what these changes mean for the industry.

The emergence of numerous health and safety regulation boards

Commercial window cleaning has been a service for hundreds of years, but it’s only in recent years that companies have started to take the health and safety aspect of it seriously. The emergence of health and safety regulation boards and various accreditations mean that the whole industry is safer, and it’s certainly a lot better off for it. Take the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme for instance; this scheme is the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK.

To become a member of this assessment scheme, commercial window cleaning companies must to adhere to its strict health and safety standards. Another health and safety organisation is the British Safety council; this is a government regulated organization that offers health and safety courses and auditing. At JV Price we are members of both of the above schemes; we are also members of Safe Contractor and a number of other health and safety driven schemes.

Advances in window cleaning equipment

Window cleaning equipment has evolved astronomically in recent years, not only does it make the profession a lot safer, but it also allows our window cleaners to access hard to reach office windows. The advancements in window cleaning equipment also mean that windows are cleaned more thoroughly.

Rope access systems – These provide commercial window cleaners with a safer method of cleaning tall buildings and skyscrapers, as well as allowing them to reach difficult places that would otherwise be out of bounds with traditional window cleaning methods. In short, Rope access systems work by enabling cleaners to lower themselves down the side of buildings using ropes via an ultra safe pulley system.

Reach and wash systems – This is the name given to cleaning windows with water fed poles. Reach and wash systems not only make commercial window cleaning safer, but they also make it more environmentally friendly and cost effective than traditional methods. These systems work by feeding purified water through poles that can reach heights of up to 80 ft. The beauty of these systems is that they allow the cleaner to remain safely on the ground.

Access hire equipment – State of the art access hire equipment makes cleaning tall buildings safer than ever. Because of the expense of access hire equipment, not many commercial window cleaning companies own this equipment. At JV Price, we are proud to say that we have this equipment available to use. Any window cleaning companies that use access hire should be trained for work at height and have International Powered Access Federation licenses for their specific type of equipment.

Cradle access – These days, many large buildings have cradle runway systems, these allow operatives to provide thorough commercial window cleaning services on otherwise dangerous and difficult to access buildings. To use cradle runways, window cleaners must trained operatives and comply with the latest health and safety legislations.

What these changes mean for the commercial window cleaning industry

There will always be a need for commercial window cleaning services, especially with new office buildings having increasingly difficult to access windows. Advances in commercial window cleaning equipment will allow us to continue doing a safe, efficient and effective job. For example, we now have the Unger nLite HydroPower RO XXL Trailer in.

The Unger nLite comes with an RO filter and a 750 liter water tank. This amazing piece of equipment features two 100 meter hose reels allowing us to produce up to 250 litres of water per hour. We ensure that all of our window cleaners are kept up to date with the latest health and safety regulations; we also provide them with ongoing training.

We believe that the advancements in equipment and health and safety regulations have had a positive impact on our industry. Not only do they make our commercial window cleaning services a lot safer, but they also make our job more effective.

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