Sourcing a window cleaner online can often be a difficult task – more often window cleaners are found by referral or word of mouth. Should you be unable to find a window cleaner this way, you may refer to the web to search for a supplier online.

JV Price is here to give you tips on finding your perfect window cleaner, identifying the main factors which make a decent, reliable window cleaner. When looking for a window cleaner, there are a couple of factors to consider, from location to integrity and availability, we have detailed below how to tell the difference between an experienced reliable window cleaner and a bad one.

1. Location

If you have previously had issues with the exterior of your building it would be sensible to choose a window cleaner who is close by in case urgent onsite work is needed. Here at JV Price, we cover a wide number of areas, with window cleaners in London and the South East including Brighton, Reading, Luton and much more, however, not many window cleaners are known to be as flexible in covering distance to go the extra mile for their clients.

2. Availability

How flexible is your chosen vendor willing to be? Most commercial cleaning is needs to be completed prior to business opening hours so if your business is open 9am-6pm, the window cleaning work will need to be completed prior to 8am or after 7pm. You should also take into account if the window cleaner is available for immediate work should any urgent work be required.

3. Trust

Trust is one of the most important factors when hiring a new supplier, you will need to know that the right work can be carried out, on time  and for a good price – window cleaners should offer peace of mind. Should your business require indoor window cleaning out of office hours, it is even more important that you trust your chosen vendor, as  such, your window cleaner should be friendly and should be able to offer reviews and testimonials from existing or past clients.

4. Reliability

Does your chosen vendor appear professional in their presentation, both online and offline? Try to watch out for any vendors which make false, ambiguous claims such as ‘we’re available 24/7’ as the likelihood of them being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is probably quite unlikely.

A reliable window cleaner will agree realistic expectations with their client, including the type of work they will carry out, together with the hours and days on which the work will be completed. Should your window cleaner offer emergency calls, the parameters of this work should also be outlined to you clearly at the beginning of the relationship.

Should you already have a window cleaner, you will soon learn how reliable they are, depending on whether the work they carry out is to a good standard and whether the work was completed within the agreed time frames. Should you then feel comfortable with your window cleaner performing work to the exterior of your building, perhaps it is worth considering agreeing to window cleaning duties inside your building – finger prints when opening windows soon leave a surprising amount of dirt!

5. Experience

How can you tell if a window cleaner has sufficient experience? A window cleaner should always be able to offer testimonials from their existing client base. If they are unable to produce examples of their work along with, testimonials, it is unlikely that they are either experienced or reliable.

If a window cleaner offers to provide reviews from their past or existing clients, perhaps ask if they can provide information from clients that have a similar building structure to yours. For example, if your business is located in a 20 story glass building, the window cleaner may be able to provide a testimonial from a similar client. This will then give you an idea of the type of work they will carry out, the equipment they use (check out JV Price’s rope work – impressive!),  along with the level of experience they will have in carrying out work for similar commercial units.

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