skyclean for cladding and warehouse cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Using state of the art technology, the specialised warehouse cleaning machine, the “SkyClean” is a semi-automatic solution that offers considerable advantages compared to traditional cleaning techniques. Designed for cleaning cladding on large distribution facilities, high bay warehouses and cold/freezing depots, the SkyClean is remote controlled from the ground and sprays the detergent onto the cladding before the large rotary brushes of the SkyClean give the surface a thorough cleanse.

The Skyclean machine cleaning cladding on an industrial building

Fast, Safe and Affordable

Having the capacity of cleaning up to 3,500 square meters a day, disruption to your facility is kept to a minimum and because of the specialist detergents used, the SkyClean rotating brushes give a long lasting clean that will keep your building cleaner for longer reducing the overall cost of your maintenance budget. Once the detergent is mixed with water, it has a PH balance of 7 meaning it is not harmful or hazardous to skin, eyes or the environment.

The SkyClean cladding cleaner working on an industrial property

All types of cladding cleaning

Trapezoidal profiles, corrugated iron sheets or sandwich panels coated with Plastisol HP200, Plastisol HPS200 or PVDF finishes can be cleaned whether the panels are horizontal or vertical. With no other alternative cleaning method coming close, SkyClean cladding cleaning are experts in warehouse and building cleaning and will give your company a radiant look and guarantees an optimal life of your property.

SkyClean is the ideal solution to the cleaning and preservation of front fascias and coverings to large distribution and warehouse facilities. By using the latest technology we are able to a transform your real estate into a viable long term investment.

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Skyclean warehouse cleaning

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