So if you have read any of the Unger HydroPower reviews you will know that it is the best, easiest and most efficient pure water filter there is at the moment and with the only one negative thing out there regarding the Unger HydroPower DI is that the resin sometimes doesn’t last as long as what people would like, Unger have come up with the perfect solution to that problem in the idea of the Unger HydroPower EcoFlo.

The Eco Flo comes with any new Unger HydroPower’s being sold but if you are lucky enough to already own an HydroPower starter kit, don’t despair, Unger are giving you the chance to get your free EcoFlo by filling in your details in this link:

The Eco Flo optimises water flow going through into the filter and restricts to the optimum level which is between 120 litres 150 litres of water per hour. This is ideal for regular glass cleaning and will extend the lifetime of the Unger resin by at least 20%!!!

Simply add the Eco Flo coin into the water flow valve by unscrewing the valve, taking out the O ring, inserting the new Unger Eco Flo coin and there you have it! Please remember to add in the O ring again otherwise you will experience leakage. Fitted in seconds and saving you £s! Thanks Unger!

All of the Unger HydroPower DI filters that you buy from Price Cleaning Supplies will come with the Eco Flo’s from now on.

Here’s a video just to remind you how good these systems really are.