Due to the rapid growth of the Price Group over the last few years and the constant need and demands for individual IOSH training and development of our general operatives, lead hands and managers, it seemed the natural progression both financially and commercially for the group was to self-deliver their training.

Not only this but we identified very early on that this would be a valuable resource not only for developing and improving the company’s skill set but also the industry as a whole.

In the beginning we carried out some initial planning of the training centre itself and then conducted an assessment on our key training requirements and the various programs we could potentially offer. We then subsequently consulted some leading industry safety schemes and governing bodies to find which programmes they endorsed, how we would qualify and what this meant for our organisation.

Also, at the time we were having some major renovation works carried out at the Price Group head office and thought what a great idea to include a training facility that primarily consists of a large lecture room and an activity area with plans in 2015 to build a high level training facility to accommodate emergency self-rescue and evacuation training courses conducted both internally and to external end users.

These include;

  • Cradles
  • MEWP’s (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms)
  • Class A1 Anchor devices
  • Horizontal Safety lines


All of which are specific to our industry and pre-requisite for companies to provide emergency rescue plans when working at height under currently legislation.

Craig Deamer and Paul Trott are now fully fledged IOSH trainers and able to deliver the following IOSH courses;

  • IOSH Working Safely
  • IOSH Cleaning Windows Safely
  • IOSH Managing Safely


All courses can either be conducted at your place of work or at our fully licenced IOSH training centre. In addition we can also provide Rescue, first Aid and Manual handling training courses. For more details on all the courses we have to offer please contact [email protected]

What does IOSH stand for?

The definition of IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and is known to be the heart of health & safety in the UK.