Ice bucket challenge origins

Some say that a man named Pete Frates – a former Boston college baseball player diagnosed with ALS back in 2011 started this back on July 31st 2014 where he got the ball rolling by calling out a couple of celebrities in the NFL, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan which then started the snowball effect with all of the celebrity ice bucket challenges. Whether you think it’s a bit of fun or very annoying that you’ve been nominated to do the challenge, at the end of the day it’s all for some great causes and because it is so viral now, the amount of money going toward these charities is fantastic.   In the UK the two main charities are MND Motor Neurone Disease Association and Macmillan cancer research but as something so close to his heart, Charlie has donated to the PKD Charity.   So when you have access platform hire and a bunch of commercial window cleaners back at the office after a hard days work, there wasn’t too much hesitation when asked to soak the boss and his best mate Dan Jones!