New Product from Unger – Ergotec Ninja Scraper

The Unger ErgoTec Ninja scraper is a window cleaning scraper with the ability to change from straight to 30 degrees angle at the touch of a button, this is perfect for pole work and scraping performance. Available in two different sizes, 10cm (4”) or 15cm (6”) the ninja scraper comes with a holster with a stainless steel strike plate that is built to last and withstand frequent contact with the scraper blade. The holster fits the scraper with or without the protective cap meaning once, on the job you can keep the protective cap off for saving time.

Comes with a slider release lock to make it safer when changing the blades.

Because its part of the Unger ErgoTec range, its ergonomic non-slip handle can be used with the Ergotec locking cone for secure fitment to poles.

Ideal product to get rid of paint, decals, heavy soil and debris off of glass as well as construction clean up.


Unger ErgoTec Ninja range.

The ErgoTec Ninja range is Unger’s premium range of window cleaning tools made to meet the highest requirements of performance and quality. Packed with features such as swivel heads, lightweight ergonomic handles and smart clips, the Ninja range is a must for your long work days.


What does a window cleaning scraper do?

A window cleaning scraper is a blade to be used on heavy contamination of the glass. It will eliminate “caked-on” debris that will not be removed via normal window cleaning methods. The window cleaning scraper blade is specifically made to do that job and other household blades should NOT be used. The glass needs to be primed with soapy water before the scraper blade makes contact and should only be scraped forwards to prevent scratching the glass. All of our commercial window cleaners use scrapers and you can buy yours from Price cleaning supplies.

About Unger

Back in 1964, Henry Unger, a window cleaner who wanted the best tools for the job, took some innovations back from the states and made them for fellow German window cleaners from his grandmothers attic starting what is now, the global success of Unger. Still working very closely with window cleaning professionals and carry on Henry’s hard work, 50 years on his three sons now run the business and making sure that the customers priority is also theirs. Unger are so confident that you are buying the best in window cleaning supplies, they bak it up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee where if you are not fully happy with their products, they will give you an exchange or even a refund!