JV Price Announces the Launch of Their New Price Cleaning Supplies Website

JV Price is happy to announce the launch of their new cleaning supplies website, Price Cleaning Supplies.  Visitors to the website will find a full product line available, with everything from cleaning solutions to tools of the trade available to purchase.  Whether you are a homeowner, or run a professional cleaning business, you are guaranteed to be impressed by the high quality materials that are available for low prices.

After having been in business for more than forty years, we recognise the need to provide quality window cleaning products and work wear as there are some of the brands on the market that are inferior in quality. All of the products on the new website have been used professionally by the experts at JV Price, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best products on the market at affordable rates. From window cleaning to gutter cleaning, to pressure washing the façade of a building, Price Cleaning Supplies has what it takes to get the job done.

Open to Professionals and Non-Professionals

Whether you operate a professional cleaning company, or just want to tackle home maintenance jobs yourself, the Price Cleaning Supplies Website can help.  Since its launch, the website has made a name for itself in the industry for being a one stop shop for cleaning equipment. The design of the website, and the numerous professional tools available, has made it easy for professionals and homeowners to quickly and simply stock up on the products that they need.  Just a few of the items currently available on the new Price Cleaning Supplies website include:

  • Squeegees
  • T-Bars
  • Water Fed Poles
  • Channels and Rubbers
  • Water Fed Brushes
  • Water Purification Tools and Supplies
  • Work Wear
  • Cleaning Kits – Pressure Washing Kits
  • Products and Tools for Gum Removal

So whether you are looking to clean older glass windows or just want to get your home or business sparkling clean, the new Price Cleaning Supplies website is the place to find anything and everything you need to get the job done right. You’ll find it is a fast and reliable source of tools, products and equipment.

Price Cleaning Supplies Systems

Whilst it is possible for most people to clean windows on the ground floor, it is not advisable for the layman to attempt to abseil to upper floors.  A better option is to use a water fed pole system, such as the ones provided by Unger.

So, you’ll be happy to know that Price Cleaning Supplies stocks a range of products and equipment available for laymen and pros alike. With a complete line of products available, any job is manageable as long as you take the time to browse around to find which best meets your needs.

For example, some of the cleaning systems available on the new Price Cleaning Supplies website include:

  • Indoor Cleaning Systems
  • Starter Kits (great for the layman!)
  • Pressure Washer Systems
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Water Fed Pole Kits
  • Gutter Cleaning Systems

With a whole range of cleaning products and systems any job can be made easier, it is just a matter of finding which product is right for your needs.

JV Price Now Carries a Range of Unger Products

German company Unger are one of the leading providers of window cleaning products, and we are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of these to our customers.  Many pros around the world use Unger products, but they are used by homeowners and business owners as well. As a UK distributor, JV Price offers this line of professional quality products at an affordable price. Some of the Unger products listed on the Price website are:

  • 50th Anniversary Ergotec Kit
  • Ergotec Glass Scraper
  • Famous Unger Chamois Cloths
  • Ergotec Ninja Glass Scraper
  • Ergotec Ninja Microwipe Cloth
  • Ergotec Ninja Scraper and Holster Combo

Our Unger range contains everything that a window cleaner needs to leave glass sparkling.  The tools on offer are all regularly used by professional window washers around the globe and they were hand-picked by the experts at JV Price for the quality of craftsmanship along with the fact that we use them throughout our own services as well.

Shopping Through Price is Easy

Unlike some online companies that can take a long time to respond to orders, Price Cleaning Supplies offer quick turn around times and delivery methods that are designed to help you.  Standard delivery costs £5.95 and all orders placed before 3pm will be shipped with next day delivery.  It is also possible to opt for a timed delivery, which is ideal for people who need to receive items early in the morning for a job, for example, or people who are unable to wait in for the postman all day.  Additionally, customers who live close to the Hemel Hempstead warehouse may prefer to place an order, and then collect it in person.  Price Cleaning Supplies have attempted to make the order process as hassle free as possible, and we are sure that you will be impressed with the level of service that is offered.

Price Cleaning Supplies also offers a straightforward returns policy.  Orders that have not yet shipped can be cancelled for an exchange or refund, and unopened goods can also be returned to the company if they are later unwanted.  Price Cleaning Supplies want to make sure every customer is completely satisfied, and will do as much as possible to ensure this is the case.

If you are in need of cleaning supplies, visit the Price Cleaning Supplies website today.  You will find everything you could possibly need to clean dirty windows, remove chewing gum, pressure wash buildings and walkways or even to clean that cladding that is beginning to mould. Each and every product is vouched for by JV Price as these are the same products that have made the Price name a respected leader in the window cleaning industry. Now you can get the same results because the same products are available to you!